Outreach Programme

What is the Outreach Programme?

The Community Outreach Simulation Programme focuses on using simulation to educate 8-18 year olds within our local community and encourages them to consider a career in the NHS. Together with UHBW employees, the programme facilitates simulation sessions both within the hospital/Simulation Centre and also off site at museums, schools and colleges. We use simulation to bring to life the amazing careers available within our NHS.

History of the programme

In its initial year, the programme was funded as a pilot from Health Education England South West Simulation Network. After a successful outreach year with the support of our Trust, the programme was made permanent, enabling us to continue to support the young people of our community.

Current activity

The programme has already provided outreach to thousands of young people in the region. We have hosted simulation sessions at a number of various locations, from the BMSC all the way into the school classroom, providing a range of activities which showcase a variety of NHS careers. We incorporate some of the skills you may need as an NHS employee that link to creative, interpersonal and clinical skills. These include good communication, strong leadership, team working, assessment, triage, airway management, CPR and many more. We also teach some more specific simulation skills, such as using our special effects makeup and how to use our manikin technology.

Some of our student feedback…

“The session has changed my mind and I would love to be a nurse or just to work at the NHS”
“I always had thought of maybe joining the NHS and the activities showed the NHS isn't just doctors and nurses”
“It has changed my thoughts of pursuing a job in the NHS because before I wasn't really sure about it but after seeing what happens it has made me think more about working in the NHS”

We work collaboratively with a number of different teams, including:

  • UHBW Volunteering department
  • Youth Involvement Group
  • Work Experience team
  • Membership team
  • Traineeship team

This enables us to support our Trust’s outreach and our students more effectively. By offering young people a platform to develop their skills and gain valuable experience, we provide them with a range of opportunities that support students to not only pursue NHS jobs but NHS careers. The BMSC team are extremely proud to be part of that journey.

In addition, the programme also aims to support UHBW staff from both non-clinical and clinical backgrounds to be involved in outreach activities and aid their own development.

This includes, teaching students valuable information, while also inspiring the next generation to follow in their own career footsteps.

Future plans

We have many on and off site events planned throughout the year. We hope by continuing this special work we can support young people's development, provide inspiration and raise aspirations within the city. We work closely with local schools and youth groups however, also host events for our young people members aged 14-18 years twice a year.

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Get involved

We would love to hear from anyone who would like to help with our outreach programme. We are always looking for NHS employees to speak to students, help facilitate sessions or design their own sessions with our support. If you would like more information, please get in touch.

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Outreach Simulation Coordinator