Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Completing the Form

All sections of the form to be completed submitted. Please note that submitting the enquiry form is not confirmation of a booking.

Upon receiving the form, the Simulation Services team will assess the information and preferred dates indicated and will either:

  • Confirm the booking in writing
  • Decline the booking due to lack of availability and offer alternative dates
  • Request further information from the original requestor

No bookings are confirmed until all enquiries are resolved and you have received confirmation from the Simulation Services team by e-mail

All requestors are advised that the only rooms and manikins which will be available on the day of your training will be those you originally specified

Provision of Simulation Services Staff

All clients to be aware that the Simulation Services team can only provide one technician to assist on your training which will include setting up equipment, driving a manikin and troubleshooting any technical issues

All clients are responsible for arranging and providing all other faculty for their training.

Should you with to enquire about additional staff from Simulation Services to join your faculty, this should be requested directly to the team member you require at least 4 weeks prior to your training (or as soon as practicable) but please be aware that Simulation Services are unable to guarantee any other staff and your training should therefore be planned with this in mind.

Set Up of Training

Should you require Simulation Services to set up for your training in advance please ensure that you e-mail all scenarios to simulationservices@uhbw.nhs.uk no later than 7 days before the training is due to take place.

All clients must ensure that they provide all educational materials (including scenarios) and a programme (if applicable) in advance of the training by e-mail to simulationservices@uhbw.nhs.uk. This is vital to allow the technical team to ensure that all required resources available for training delivery.

In the event that Simulation Services is not provided with any details, the centre will assume that the clients will be responsible for all set up.

Cancellation of Training

In very rare circumstances it may be necessary for Simulation Services to cancel or reschedule your training. Should this be the case, you will be provided with as much notice as possible.

Should you no longer wish to hold the training you have booked an e-mail must be sent in writing to simulationservices@uhbw.nhs.uk informing them that the training is no longer required. If training is cancelled within 24 hours of the arranged date, Simulation Services reserves the right to charge the organising department up to £50 cancellation fee, in line with Education Centre policy. The same applies for non-attendance.


Should you be bringing your own laptop to run presentations it is your responsibility to ensure you have an appropriate connector with you. An HDMI cable is provided.

Should you require Simulation Services to upload presentations for you please ensure these are sent to the simulationservices@uhbw.nhs.uk e-mail at least 48 hours before the training takes place.