The University Hospitals Bristol and Weston Paediatric Simulation Programme (BPSP), established in 2007, delivers simulation based education in the settings of the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre (BMSC) and at point of care (in situ) in the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children (BRHC). Through a strong focus of faculty development and integration of simulation as an educational tool in a blended learning approach to implementation of multi-professional curricula the BPSP has become internationally renowned as one of the leading paediatric simulation programmes.

Through working closely with Nursing and Medical leadership in primary and secondary healthcare, the BPSP supports and develops bespoke simulation education of all healthcare professionals with a particular focus on team training and multi-disciplinary working. It brings realistic opportunities to practice clinical assessment and team working skills to the bedside; on the wards, in the emergency department and in the operating theatre environment. Ensuring that simulation is positioned and integrated as a tool central to the institutional strategy for systems evaluation, quality improvement and patient safety.

The BPSP is key to the systems evaluation strategy of the BRHC, identifying system errors through point of care simulation and proactively reducing potential patient harm.

The BPSP plays a pivotal role in ensuring organisational learning and adoption of best practice. Through close links with the BRHC pillars of Clinical Governance it integrates issues highlighted through institutional governance and risk reporting systems into its educational strategy. Including initiatives such as the development of a generic human factors and team training curriculum adapted and implemented in the training of multiple teams. Most notably the Cardiac Human factors and Resource Management course (CHARM), which uses a cardiopulmonary bypass simulator to allow development of teamwork between Cardiac surgical, Anaesthetic, Perfusion and Theatre staff to develop their teamwork and practice critical rare events in an environment safe for them and their patients. Thus improving quality of patient care.

The BPSP is particularly proud of its innovative and unique modular structured faculty development programme which includes the delivery of the Bristol Boston Simulation Masterclass in collaboration with Boston Children’s Simulation Programme, the Train The Trainers Course and an apprenticeship model that allows deliberate practice of simulation educator skills.

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