Private: Clinical Site Managers Simulation Training Day
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This course is only open to applicable employees of the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust. This course is free to attend. This one day course provides Clinical Site managers with a refresher of patient assessment including interpretation of Arterial blood gases and ECG analysis. The course will also explore Teamworking and human factors. Learning Objectives Through Simulation Based Learning and simulated clinical scenarios, delegates will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate Recognition of Critical Illness- ABCDE assessment
  2. Identify normal and abnormal parameters of the physical assessment and their clinical significance
  3. Implement appropriate management of the patient with deteriorating health
  4. Provide an opportunity developing teamwork skills and crisis resource management
    • What are ‘human factors’ and Why are they relevant to clinical care
    • The types of mistakes that can occur
    • How communication can break-down
    • Ways that you can improve your own performance in stressful situations
Should you require any further information about this course please contact Sarah Sibley on
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