Bristol Adult Simulation Programme (BASP) delivers Point of Care simulation training in wards, departments, theatres and critical care units within Bristol Royal Infirmary, St. Michaels Hospital, Bristol Oncology centre and the Bristol Eye Hospital.


85 year old collapsed man: POC Simulation being run in the BRI Emergency Department

Simulation events are developed and implemented on the wards, emergency department and in the operating theatre environment.  Bristol Adult Simulation Programme (BASP) delivers multi-professional simulation training in the workplace setting reducing the need for staff to leave the ward for training and allowing teams to train together and critically evaluate their care delivery systems in an environment free of any risk to patient care.  It aims to bring realistic opportunities to practise clinical assessment and team working skills to the bedside.  This has been invaluable to identify system errors thus reducing potential risk for patient harm.  


Simulated patients are recreated in actual treatment areas. Because the environment is familiar, it is easier for participants to apply the lessons learned to real patients.

Faculty work closely with ward managers, department Leads, modern matrons and patient safety leads to identify and address the learning and development needs of nurses and junior doctors working in a range of clinical areas. The BASP also has a strong focus of faculty development and encourages new faculty to develop their facilitation skills whilst assisting with Point of Care training activities.


70 year old woman with acute respiratory distress: POC Simulation being run for a multi-disciplinary team in MAU (Medical Admissions Unit)


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