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Training The Trainers

This popular and unique course is specially designed for a small group of educators who wish to discover how to use simulators as teaching tools.

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One Brain

The course is lecture and simulation based, and aims to clarify, consolidate and enhance the practice of management of the neurosurgical patient. This is a course designed for post-Primary anaesthetists – CT2, ST3, ST4 and above

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Transport of the Critically Ill Course

This dynamic course will give participants the confidence and knowledge to prepare and transfer a patient in a variety of situations both within the hospital and between hospitals

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Bristol Advanced Simulation Instructors Masterclass

The BASIM (Bristol Advanced Simulation Instructors Master Class) is specially designed for all Educators who wish to improve and develop their debriefing skills.

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Novice Obstetrics

This course is aimed at ST level trainees who are new to Obstetric Anaesthesia and uses hands on practice with mid and high fidelity simulators. It offers delegates the opportunity to learn how to respond to common and uncommon emergencies.

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Team Training for Critical Incidents

This 1-day course is designed to foster a generic approach to crisis management that can be applied to virtually any emergency situation.

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Medical Emergencies In The Dental Chair

These courses are suitable for all grades of dentist but are aimed primarily at dental students in their 4th year. The course is also suitable for dental nurses and hygienist students.

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COCIP (Care of the Critically Ill Patient)

This exciting 1-day course allows registered nurses working in UHBristol the opportunity to recognise and care for critically ill patients in a ward environment.

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GP Refresher

We also run bespoke and sponsored courses for general practitioners and practice nurses. Bring the entire practice if you wish, or we can bring some of the simulators to you!

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Post Cardiac ECMO Workshop

This will be a practical workshop for Perfusionists focussing on the post-cardiotomy patient.

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Key Compentencies

This is a one day course covering the emergency management of 8 key topics from the Level 1 RCPCH Curriculum and therefore is most suitable for ST2/3s. It would work for ST1s later in their first year or if they have previous paediatric experience.

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Step Up

This one day course is designed to enhance and rehearse the skills required to be a “Registrar” in Paediatrics.

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COPE (Confidence in Paediatric Emergencies)

The one day course is delivered annually and forms part of the educational programme for ST4-5 trainees. This course includes both simulated emergency scenarios and interactive workshops.

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Non Invasive Ventilation Training day for Nurses

This one day course is designed for nurses looking after patients that require non-invasive ventilation. The day includes relevant theory and practical sessions covering the assessment and management of these patients.

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Clinical Site Managers Simulation Training Day

This one day course provides Clinical Site managers with a refresher of patient assessment including interpretation of Arterial blood gases and ECG analysis. The course will also explore Teamworking and human factors.

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HELP course

This one-day course is made up of a combination of lectures, tutorials and simulations. Participants will take part in a number of simulated clinical experiences using the human patient simulator

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3rd Year Medical Students Simulation Training sessions

This course is only open to 3rd Year Medical Students. This course is free to attend.

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ICU Band 5 Nurse Simulation training day

This one day course provides nurses with the underpinning knowledge and skills required to care for the intensive care patient.

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Diabetic Study Day Simulation Session

This simulation session is a practical hands-on session for nurses attending the UHBristol Diabetic Training day.

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Paediatric Meningococcal Disease

This is a 1-day course presented nationally within the UK to a multidisciplinary audience including Paediatricians, Nurses and General Practitioners.

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Human Factors of Error Investigation

BMSC & Palladium are pleased to present: Effective Investigation To Improve Patient Safety. Our innovative, interactive course incorporates Safety-I and Safety–II thinking into a practical approach to incident investigation. Delivered by experienced educators with practical expertise in the use of human factors and investigation techniques.

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BASIM – Refresher Course

The Bristol Advanced Simulation Instructors Masterclass (BASIM) Refresher course is suitable for all educators who have attended the BASIM course and wish to, with guidance form expert faculty, explore and discuss some of the challenges they have encountered with the implementation of their simulation activities and refresh their debriefing skills.

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Debriefing Course

This one day course aims to build on your debriefing and simulation experience and would suit anyone who wants to enhance this core skill.

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