The following rooms/facilities can be hired for courses, conferences, seminars or photo/ film shoots.

Debrief Room

Primary debriefing space, seats approximately 25 and has an 8-seat conference table. Used for lectures and presentations during courses and for scenarios or skills stations. Has a central SMOTS camera and a projector that can be used either with feed from a PC in the room, or from external users’ laptops. Audio can be fed in from ward or theatre areas so that delegates can observe scenarios from the debrief room. Video can be fed in via SMOTS to the debrief room PC, the transparent side of a one-way mirror faces onto theatre and medical gasses are piped in. Also used as a storage area for various stationary and can be partitioned using a curtain into two rooms

Ward Area

Ward area used largely for simulations, occasionally also used for debriefs. Has medical gases piped in at various locations and has two SMOTS cameras set up, one at either end. Can be partitioned, resultant wards both have one SMOTS camera and have medical gases piped in. Also contains audio equipment so that audio can be fed from the ward area to the debrief room.

Theatre Area

Theatre space used largely for Operating Room based simulations, particularly using HPS manikins, also occasionally used for debriefs. Has two one-way mirrors (mirrored side facing into the room), and SMOTS cameras above each mirror. Medical gases are piped in, and contain a microphone to allow audio from theatre to be played in control and debrief rooms.

Control Room (Staff Area)

Room used to run simulations in theatre from. Transparent side of one of the theatre one-way mirrors faces into control room. Contains a computer used to run SMOTS software to observe simulations, as well as the HPS stack, used to run the manikins. Connected via audio connections to theatre to allow communication between theatre and control room, also used as a storage space for several electrical and manikin spare parts.

Side Ward/Anaesthetic Room

Side ward area ideal for small groups and for simulations involving a single isolated patient.


Area used to seat delegates on courses during breaks for coffee/lunch etc. Occasionally used as a debrief area, and also has tea/coffee making facilities.

BMSC layout

Our pricing structure for the hire of the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre facilities:

Debrief Room alone

£500 (lunch can be provided if required, charged in addition to the room hire)

Debrief Room + either Ward or Theatre

£1000 (lunch provided if required, chargeable depending on the number of delegates attending)

Debrief Room + either Ward or Theatre + one other room

£1500 ( lunch provided if required, chargeable depending on the number of delegates attending)

The whole Centre (Debrief Room+ Ward+ Theatre+ one other room)

£2000 (lunch included)

***Please be aware that these charges apply to NHS only. These prices are not inclusive of VAT. VAT is payable on these processor all organisations not based within NHS, unless they are VAT exempt. Private companies should contact the Centre’s Business Manager to obtain a quote.***

Should you have any queries or would like to arrange a viewing of the facilities please contact or call us on 0117 342 0108