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Training The Trainers

This popular and unique course is specially designed for a small group of educators who wish to discover how to use simulators as teaching tools.

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One-Lung Thoracic Anaesthesia

One Lung’ is a course for thoracic anaesthesia originally developed in Bristol. The emphasis is on developing practical skills through training on skill stations and clinical scenarios.  This one day course is suitable for Anaesthetic Consultants and ST3+ Trainees

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One Brain

The course is lecture and simulation based, and aims to clarify, consolidate and enhance the practice of management of the neurosurgical patient. This is a course designed for post-Primary anaesthetists – CT2, ST3, ST4 and above

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Transport of the Critically Ill Course

This dynamic course will give participants the confidence and knowledge to prepare and transfer a patient in a variety of situations both within the hospital and between hospitals

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Team Training for Critical Incidents

This 1-day course is designed to foster a generic approach to crisis management that can be applied to virtually any emergency situation.

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Confidence with Kids – Emergency Real-life Scenarios (CONKERS)

This course combines simulation and expert-led workshops to develop participants’ knowledge, skills and confidence in safe environment to allow them to deal with assessment and management of ill children. This course is delivered by Paediatric Doctors.

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